The Sound Economic History Workshop is an annual event, hosted at a different Scandinavian university each year.

The main aim of the workshop is to gather primarily Scandinavian (and Scandinavian-based) researchers, who are interested in economic and social history, in a friendly and non-imposing environment where they can present their research and receive constructive criticism from their peers and leading economic historians.

Another aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the breadth of economic history as an academic discipline, especially among Scandinavian researchers, so there is usually no theme to the workshop, and submissions are encouraged from any sub-field of economic and social history.

The workshop is open for presentations by PhD students and post-docs, but more experienced researchers are also encouraged, both to present their research and to participate as commentators. Non-presenting PhD students are more than welcome to participate, too.

Researchers (including PhD students) based at a Scandinavian university interested in hosting a Sound Workshop at their institution should contact workshop organizers Alexandra Lopez Cermeno (email: alexandra.lopez_cermeno@ekh.lu.se), Svante Prado (svante.prado@econhist.gu.se), and Jacob Weisdorf (e-mail: jacobw@sam.sdu.dk).


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