Previous Keynotes

  • 2018: Martin Shanahan (University of Southern Australia)
  • 2017: Jane Humphries (Oxford), Jari Ojala (Jyväskylä), Toshiaki Tamaki (Kyoto)
  • 2016: Jaime Reis (ICS) and Susanna Fellman (Gothenburg).
  • 2015: Joan Roses (LSE) and Karine van der Beek (Ben Gurion)
  • 2014: Kevin O’Rourke (Oxford) and Marc Flandreau (Geneva)
  • 2013: Mary Hilson (UCL) and Patrick Wallis (LSE)
  • 2012: Bernard Harris (Southampton)
  • 2011: Leandro Prados (Carlos III, Madrid)
  • 2010: Steve Broadberry (Oxford) and Greg Clark (UC Davis)
  • 2009: Tim Leunig (LSE)
  • 2008: Gareth Austin (Geneva)
  • 2007: Kevin O’Rourke (Oxford)
  • 2006: Giovanni Federico (Pisa)



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